A closer look at the WGSN 365 app

WGSN 365

A global calendar of the world's essential fashion and arts events.

The ultimate global fashion calendar

A free global events calendar tailored to the fashion and design professional, WGSN 365 is an indispensable, beautifully designed calendar+ ipad app.

Keep up to date with the worldwide fashion schedule with need to know information and details for every event.

Worldwide fashion events 
Plan for international fashion weeks, catwalks and  tradeshows


Designed for the travelling fashion professional

Browse the global fashion calendar
Plan your trip, research what's coming up, and keep up to date with fashion, arts and cultural events around the world.

About WGSN

WGSN is the world’s leading trend forecaster. The company enables over 38,000 subscribers to make brilliant design decisions every day by identifying and analyzing the trends that will shape commercially successful products and services in the future. WGSN’s inspiration and insight are available through online subscriptions to a variety of state-of-the-art digital tools and through bespoke consultancy services.

WGSN is a 4C service.

 We enable brilliant design decisions

Access WGSN's city guides
WGSN subscribers can access WGSN CityEdit, a one-stop shop for the best shopping, eating, drinking, sleeping and culture your destination has to offer.

Arts, music, culture
Don't miss out on key cultural events around the world

Global industry calendar
Tradeshows, awards, competitions, conferences at your finger tips

Quick and easy to use
View the calendar by month, location or event category to see what’s most relevant to you, and save events to your personal calendar.

For more about WGSN go to our website at www.wgsn.com.

To contact our sales team, email sales@4c.wgsn.com, or view further contact details here.

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